Want to make time fly?  Invite a very smart, dedicated public servant to talk on air about creating public policy for critical but difficult topics.  Buckle up and enjoy Senator Thielen‘s no-spin, well researched and candid discussion.  She has a gardener’s glove on that iron fist.

Link to Red Hill Fuel Tank Report.

thielen_09 headshot

Senator Laura Thielen. District 25: Kailua Waimanalo, Hawaii Kai

Does SB 2693 SD1 tax illegal B&Bs? Are the US Navy’s Red Hill fuel tanks  STILL leaking FUEL 100 feet above Honolulu’s aquifer?  What happens when a good cop goes bad, can SB2364 SD1 protect HPD’s ‘ohana?

Let’s find out – Friday, February 26th at 3pm HST from  Senator Laura Thielen (Kailua, Waimanalo, Hawaii Kai.)  Watch us livestreamed, http://thinktechhawaii.com/.   Tweet your question @ThinkTechHI.

If you don’t know who the Merrie Pranksters are, it’s worth a click.   Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)  invited Alice Anne Parker to join the Pranksters on the bus, because they needed someone sober to look after the money.  These first 77 years of her life have been an extraordinary trip of focused discipline and clarity, presented with well dressed humor and sparkling compassion.  She charmingly  refuses to bow to limiting and hypocritical conventions of  female existence.  Her startlingly honest experience of academia, single-motherhood in the 60’s, illegal abortions, and astrological counseling for infertility made for a wildly fun show.

Alice Anne Parker’s website , latest book, and email: aliceanne@aliceanneparker.com

Alice Anne (Severson) Parker with Infant Daughter April

Alice Anne (Severson) Parker with Infant daughter April

With the sudden death of Justice Scalia and the spread of the Zika virus, honest discussion on the practical effect of laws and strictures affecting what women can/should and cannot/should not do with their person is essential.  In the US, access to contraception and health care has been fairly broadly available over the last 30 years. However, shootings at health clinics have made medical care and access to birth control for low income women and students in some areas potentially deadly.  Millennials are in their prime reproductive years and have no idea how frequently a pregnancy was fatal or maiming for their fore-mothers.

Alice Anne Parker, a dear friend and mentor has pushed boundaries limiting women for most of her septuagenarian life.  An incidental feminist, her life continues to invite us to question conventions, and embrace compassion  for ourselves and each other at a deeper level.  Tune in for our discussion today, February 19th, 3pm HST on Think Tech Hawaii.  If you’d like to join the conversation tweet us: @thinktechhi.

This livestreamed program will be available for later viewing within 24 hours. Check back on http://www.kauilucas.com.

Marti Townsend, Director of the Sierra Club of Hawai’i  has managed to keep a pretty positive spin on the legislature this season, despite the intensity. To have her debunk the punk around the East Maui Water diversion, made my day.  The new fungal plague of Rapid Ohi’a Death, however is potentially catastrophic  in ways I hadn’t thought of. For more, have a look at this 2 minute crowdfunding  video for Lyon Arboretum.

A big, Oh $#!+ moment happened at the end.  It wasn’t on our planned list of topics, but suddenly she mentioned the Navy’s leaking-into-the-aquifer-but-still-in-use 75 year old gas tanks.  Somehow because I haven’t heard about it in awhile, I thought that it had been “taken care of.”   From what Ms. Townsend told me, we have our very own Flint-cident in the making. Good thing Sen. Laura Thielen is already scheduled to be my guest on February 26th.

TGFSCH! Volunteer for one of their very hands on community events, or take a hike. As smart and serious as they are, Sierra Club members regularly manage to have good fun doing good. They are a hiking club after all.


Friday, February 12th, 3pm HST on Think Tech Hawaii

Moanalua High and Richardson Law School graduate, mother of three under ten, Marti Townsend is well into her first legislative session as Director for the Sierra Club of Hawai’i.  She’s no stranger to environmental activism at the State Capitol.  Past positions include ED of The Outdoor Circle and Kahea.   Topics for discussion include sneaky bills about East Maui’s water,  divestment, and Rapid Ohi’a Death. Read more and sign petitions HERE. Questions? tweet us @thinktechhi 3:00 pm!Marti Townsend


Somehow I omitted the diagram below in illustrating Dr. Sahtouris’s explanation of evolution from a biological perspective. And just maybe there was serendipity in that.  The core idea, is humanity like all living things, is still evolving. We find ourselves in an immature stage of the process, where competition and conflict continue to wreak havoc. If we don’t annihilate ourselves or the planet in the meantime, at some point we will evolve to a more mature phase of evolution, based on cooperation.


As you watch this octogenarian biologist, notice how much energy she has.  She has not been to an MD in 36 years.  She did go to a local healer in the Greek village she was living in after being attacked by a donkey several years ago. Her water bottle on Friday was spiked with raw turmeric, ginger and black pepper. Which I must try.  I might have had as much energy as she has when I was in my 20s.   After the show we went together to celebrate the 100th birthday of Jean Erdman Campbell.  Dr. Sahtouris said she has no intention of living to 100.

2016-02-05 19.29.46

Jean Erdman Campbell (Mrs. Joseph Campbell) photo credit: Tim Sprowls

2016-02-05 19.29.59

Once I drove six hours to attend a dance workshop with Jean. On her 100th birthday, she gave me a lei. photo credit: Tim Sprowls









Jean, a avant-garde dancer and Hawai’i native, had a kind of beatific presence.  It made me weep. Something made me go to her and touch that precious 100 year old hand. When I did, to my astonishment, she gave me one of the lei she was wearing.

After the birthday party it was on to Manoa Valley Theater for a stage performance of Harold and Maude.  At the end of the play, Maude celebrates 80 years of exuberant living by dying on her own terms.  Instantly I though how grateful I was that Elisabet Sahtouris and Jean Erdman Campbell had not made that choice.  Yet Maude’s choice I respect and admire. I haven’t had a chance to talk to my friend Lala Buzzell who played Harold’s vapid mother outstandingly, but I’m dying to know what kinds of discussions were had over the months of preparation and performance about Maude’s choice.  Why in the United States is there stigma about individuals wanting to control how and when they depart this life?

For the same immature reason we think a very few people have the right to mandate forced chemical injections into the very fragile living systems of human babies to protect the population at large– knowing that a certain percentage of them will be damaged for life or die? Yes, I’m back to Elisabet and our discussion on vaccines. Those of you who want to do the research, here is a handy site with links to Hawaii State 2016 vaccine bills. I don’t like this site’s inflammatory language, but it is handy.  In relatively few words, here’s some pretty objective reasons the bills should not pass. This information is from the linked site.

There is No Compelling State Interest. There is no public health emergency or compelling state interest that justifies forcing vaccination by violating the right to freedom of conscience and personally held sincere religious beliefs.


  • High Vaccination Rates, Low Vaccine Exemption Rates.In the 2013-2014 school year, the CDC reported[51] that an estimated 99% of kindergarten children in Hawaii had received five DTaP shots; 98.7% had received two MMR shots and 99.2% had received two varicella zoster shots, (The CDC excluded Hawaii’s rates in the 2014-2015 report[52]) The CDC also reported[52] only 754 students had religious vaccine exemptions in the whole state, giving Hawaii the distinction of having one of the highest vaccination rates in the country along with low vaccine exemption rates.



Vaccine Manufacturers Have No Civil Liability. The 1986 law partially shielded drug companies selling vaccines in the U.S.  from civil liability and, in 2011, the US Supreme Court completely [61] shielded vaccine manufacturers from liability [61] for FDA licensed and  CDC recommended vaccines. There is no product liability or accountability for pharmaceutical companies marketing federally recommended and state mandated vaccines that injure Americans or cause their death, which makes flexible medical and non-medical vaccine exemptions in vaccine policies and laws [62] the only way Americans can protect themselves and their children from vaccine risks and failures.There is No Compelling State Interest. There is no public health emergency or compelling state interest that justifies forcing vaccination by violating the right to freedom of conscience and personally held sincere religious beliefs.

From the Facebook comments it seems we are not evolved enough to have a reasonable discussion. I’m not going to waste more energy on it. I’m not going to have more children. My niece who is having babies, knows better. I’d rather spend what time I have left doing things like dancing. Maybe I’ll start planning my moonlit death scene–or at least the soundtrack. My sweetheart has his planned already, but then, he’s more evolved.





Michael Moore’s soon to be released movie  Where to Invade Next,  explores some of the positive aspects of Germany’s policies.  I’d been reading about it.  Then Ralf Loos, my dear friend since high school days, came to visit with his charming sweetheart Heike. They started telling me what life has been like in Germany over the last six months. Shocked, I asked him to join me on the show. He did splendidly talking live on camera, for the very first time in his life, and that in a foreign language! I asked him if he could write the blog post with me to give more context.

Although neither articulated it, they were traumatized by events at home.  A couple of weeks re-visiting friends and familiar places in Hawai’i was clearly beneficial.   An exhausted Heike was in tears one evening after Ralf and I had been talking about it too long.  That’s when I got an inkling of what it is to have one’s home invaded in the service of greater humanity.   And how a crisis of order and violence   will foment a reactionary backlash.

Ralf’s post

Merkel’s Open Border Policy

With the introduction of the EURO in January 2002, people in the EURO member states were promised that participating countries would become more prosperous, and the monetary union would create jobs for member states.

Instead, the majority of EURO member states  now have unprecedented unemployment rates, and most economies are stagnant, if not in decline. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Europe’s monetary union suffered tremendously. European banks played roulette  every bit as enthusiastically as American banks and investors.  In Europe it was dubbed the EURO-crisis.

All leaders/politicians of EURO member states have failed to bring order or even improve the situation, despite promises. There are certainly a multitude of reasons for this predicament. One primary reason is that all treaties designed to guarantee the stability of the common currency were blatantly disregarded. The result of not obeying the rules of the game is obvious: chaos.

It seems Europe is eager for more chaos, not only in the financial arena, but socially as well. An excellent way to achieve chaos is to ignore international agreements on immigration. The European Union sanctioned the Schengen Agreement, which stipulates that all immigrants and asylum seekers need to be registered in the initial country of entry. In reality, migrants who arrived via Greece or Italy were NOT registered, and quickly channeled to other European countries. German chancellor Merkel’s unilateral decision to allow migrants into Germany without registration, significantly increased traffic.

Migrants into Germany in 2015 increased from an expected 400,000 to 1,000,000 – more than twice as many as anticipated. Chancellor Merkel’s unilateral decision took everyone by surprise. She put herself above the law and the Schengen Agreement. German police, the German Red Cross, and many other relief organizations– none were prepared. If there hadn’t been an extraordinary number of volunteers to assist in helping the migrants, the chaos would have escalated.

The repercussions of Merkel’s open-border policy are multifaceted on both domestic and international levels. Federal, state and local authorities are stretched beyond limits, paralyzed by this unfathomable influx. The current situation is most “un-German” as disorder and chaos reign – the German government estimates (!) that there are now 200,000 undocumented migrants.

Inequities have become an issue since German citizens have to pay their monthly dues for health insurance, but migrants receive free health care. Schools, gymnasiums and other buildings are requisitioned to house migrants, disrupting and degrading education. Students are forced to change schools as campuses are transformed into housing for migrants.

Of additional concern amongst European and German citizens is the right to family reunification allowing the subsequent immigration of additional family members. This law stipulates that approved asylum seekers have the right to have their family members immigrate to their new home country. It is realistic to assume that each asylum seeker will be followed by family members, also needing to be feed, housed, educated and cared for. The number of Germans discontent with this situation is growing the popularity of right wing political parties. Other countries dealing with this mass influx of migrants are experiencing similar developments.

The Schengen Agreement has been suspended by many member states.  Meaning, these countries have  reestablished pre-Schengen border controls.  All attempts to solve the migration crisis on a European level have failed. Member states have refused to accept quotas, which would allow distributing the migrants equitably between member states.

The parallels between the EURO crisis and the migrant crisis are striking.  So are the tunes that European politicians sing: “We must find a European solution!” This tune is still sung, but has lost all credibility.

The overall situation is dire and the cause of frustration for everyone involved. Member states have started (forced) deportation of migrants. For most migrants, life in refugee camps and improvised housing is frustrating. Few know whether they will be allowed to stay in Germany, or be deported in the months or years ahead. They live in limbo, and in many cases their high expectations will remain unfulfilled. Left unaddressed, this frustration easily turns into violence and hate.

Footnote: Which term should be used to describe the newcomers is debatable, migrant or immigrant. Both terms are accurate.

  1. Some are coming from the Middle East and Africa for economic reasons, wanting to move to a more affluent country, like Germany or Sweden.
  2. Some are migrants who want to come to Europe temporarily.
  3. Lastly there are asylum seekers, those who flee war zones in their home countries. It is unclear whether they want to stay in Europe only until the situation in their home countries have improved, or not.



Elisabet-SahtourisTomorrow Dr. Sahtouris joins me on Hawai’i Is My MainLand, livestreamed on Think Tech Hawaii‘s digital platform, 3pm HST.  Who knew there were SEVEN bills in the Hawai’i State Legislature for government funded vaccine programs, and some with no religious or other exemptions?

“The government [Kingdom of Hawai’i] was overthrown, not the country.” says  David Keanu Sai Ph.D., it’s  part koan, part wake up call. Not surprisingly, while serving in the US military,  Sai read Samuel Manaiakalani Kamakau’s Ruling Chiefs  for inspiration.   Hawai’i’s history being told from a foreign perspective, in a foreign language (English), has caused a Tower of Babel within and without the Hawaiian community for 123 years.

Frustrated in their personal quests for understanding, Sai and his cousin Kau’i Sai Dudoit rolled up their sleeves, and created a suite of educational materials: Ua Mau Ke Ea Sovereignty Endures: An Overview of the Political and Legal History of the Hawaiian Islands. If this material were as widely read/watched as Gavin Daws’s woefully antiquated 1968 book, A Shoal of Time,  the US Department of the Interior would not have needed to make a Ruling. The confusing, divisive, embarrassingly misguided efforts towards “federal recognition” for Hawaiians, etc. would not be happening.  The treatyless annexation, statehood, the Jones Act–all  obviate.  Scholars like Sai, and Dr. Kamanamaikalani Beamer with his 2015 Ka Palapala Po‘okela Award winning No Mākou Ka Mana: Liberating The Nation, bring fresh air to anaerobic academia with rigorous contemporary scholarship.

In addition to making the DVD version of Ua Mau Ke EaKau’i Sai Dudoit gave me the mother lode of Hawaiian educational web resources.  Unfortunately, she handed it to me hard copy and it has taken me ages to deal with entering, updating, and annotating the links. MAHALO PIHA Kau’i -This list is phenomenal!  Anyone who knows of other excellent resources, please comment and I will add them.

Ua Mau Ke Ea Sovereignty Endures: An Overview of the Political and Legal History of the Hawaiian Islands

A Brief History of the Hawaiian People (1891) W. D. Alexander

Hawaiian Neutrality: From the Crimean Conflict through the Spanish-American War (2015)

Territory of Hawai’i Dept. of Public Instruction, Programme for Patriotic Exercises in the Public Schools (1906)

Chronicling America– Historic American Newspapers

The Annexation Of Hawaii: A Collection Of Documents (University of Hawai’i)

Hawaiian Language Dictionaries  Note: change the CUSTOMIZE SEARCH menu from “Hwn Dict/Mamāka ” to “All Dictionaries,” why this is not the default is a great mystery and a frustrating impediment for novice scholars.

Papakilo – OHA’s Knowledge Well: various Hawaiian collections

Kipuka: OHA’s geographical information system (GIS) latest mapping technologies for native Hawaiian land, culture and history

Ho’olaupa’i: Hawaiian Language Newspaper Project

Forum for articles from newspapers with summary translations

Using Hawaiian Language Newspaper Articles for Place and Culture-based Geoscience Teacher Education and Curriculum Development

Articles on marine ecosystem management in Hawai‘i and traditional and introduced fishing practices. (SOEST/SeaGrant)

Hawai‘i Alive: a Bishop Museum led cooperative work sharing library and archives collections with the general public, especially teachers gathering resources to teach Hawaiian Language, History, and Culture in accordance with Hawai‘i Department of Education Content and Performance Standards.

Bishop Museum Online Data

Hawai’i State Archives Online

Kauai Historical Society Archives

Historical Timeline of Hawai’i Pae ‘Aina






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