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What a show.  We concentrated on what is there physically, the geography of the facility (first 15 min). In the second section (15-30 min) we discuss leak history and contamination evidence.  Ernie drops a bomb describing an EPA Superfund situation I was not prepared for (start at 25:00.) In the final segment we discuss the current situation on tank repairs, usage, testing.  I was so overcome by the enormity of the situation, I misspoke.  Kākoʻo ʻŌiwi is in He’eia; the issue was runoff from Kahekili Highway, not Kamehameha Highway.

We did not get into the Administrative Order on Consent signed in 2014 which maps the political geography of the situation. That will be our focus next week.  Same time, 3pm HST. Same station, ThinkTechHawaii.com. Same hydro-hero duo, Ernest and Erwin!

I’m attaching the visuals for easy perusal. Here’s the link to Honolulu Board of Water Supply’s web page dedicated to the fuel tank/aquifer issue.

26.1.3.tank diagram 26.1.4.Red Hill tank inside 1 26.2.1.chronology1 26.2.1.Red Hill - monitor well 2 copy 26.2.2.Red Hill - inside tunnel monitor wells 26.2.3.contaminated groundwater 500ft 26.2.4.coresamples 26.3.2corrosionschematic 26.3.3.OahuMap

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Red Hill WellsLast Friday I spent an hour and a half with three senior members of the Honolulu Board of Water supply, Ernest Y.W. Lau, P.E.; Manager and Chief Engineer, Erwin Kawata; Program Administrator, Water Quality Division and Tracy Burgo; Information Specialist.

Here’s what I learned. There are 20 WWII era tanks with a combined fuel storage capacity of 250,000,000 gallons which have been leaking irregularly since built. The leaky tanks are 100 feet above the aquifer that provides drinking water to Oahuans from Moanalua to Hawaii Kai. Even though it was April 1st, none of them were fooling.

Tomorrow Lau and Kawata will go over some staggering data. Join us at 3pm HST. on Think Tech Hawaii for livestreamed coverage. If  YOU have a question, tweet us @ThinkTechHI. If you can’t watch live, I will post the YouTube video within  24 hours here at KauiLucas.com

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When it’s all over mid- September, I wonder how Chipper Wichman Jr. is going to feel, having been the spark that began the years-long process to bring the IUCN’s World Conservation Conference, themed “Planet at the Crossroads” to Hawai’i.  Before we livestreamed yesterday, I asked Randall Tanaka what message was most important for him to communicate. His answer surprised me: legacy.   How will we in this host community- whether we participate directly or indirectly -leverage the opportunities it is providing?

We don’t have to wait until September.  Opportunities are already happening.  Justice Antonio Herman Benjamin, who serves on the World Commission on Environmental Law of the IUCN, was in town visiting fishponds (conservation projects) and speaking.  I caught part of a breakfast gathering both he and Randall Tanaka were featured in at the Department of Land and Natural resources Friday. It was a live demonstration of the way experts from very different conservation experiences can assist us in avoiding catastrophic resource degradation, and mitigating the damages we have already sustained, most effectively.

A couple of friends have inquired about where to sign up to volunteer at the IUCN Congress: here.


Breakfast Gathering at DLNR with (facing left to right) Professor Denise E. Antolini Richardson Law School, DLNR first deputy Kekoa Kaluhiwa, Justice Antionio H. Benjamin of Brazil’s High Court, Associate Justice Michael D. Wilson of Hawaiʻi Supreme Court, and Randall Tanaka, Executive Director, Hawai’i’s World Conservation Congress National Host Committee

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iucn_2016_logo_h_en_colour_high_resWhen the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) meets in Waikiki this September 1 to 10, it will be the first time in its 66-year history that the world’s largest conservation conference will be hosted by the United States.

Attendees from 160 different countries will include first people’s organizations, scientists, business interests, politicians, policy makers, educators, NGOs, experts in the fields of environment and climate change.  What role will our extensive and diverse conservation community play?  Randall Tanaka, Executive Director of Hawai’i’s World Conservation Congress National Host Committee will answer questions about the role for local organizations.  Tweet your questions to @thinktechHI, and watch us livestreamed: Think Tech Hawaii 3pm HST today.

Randy Tanaka






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What is it about farmers?  I find them the most interesting and compelling people. Ok. I grew up on a mono-crop/obsolete-colonial model ag operation, and both sides of my family have been agripreneurs with various vineyard, ranching, dairy and commercial crop enterprises — so it’s not entirely a surprise.

Rob is poster child for the new generation of farmers.  His background is in web design, and he had integrated that skill set into his recently acquired agricultural knowledge. He gives the Go Farm program much credit. My apologies to GoFarm and Steven Chiang, somehow in the process of clipping your video, an unusual contemporary art element was added.

Although we have several mutual acquaintances, this was the first time I met Rob Barreca. Did we have too much fun? Although we have several mutual acquaintances, this was the first time I met Rob Barreca.  You be the judge…certainly enough fun for a hana hou show.


Go Farm Hawai’i

Mahi’ai Match-Up

Friends with Farms

Counter Culture Food + Ferments


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Marti Townsend, Director of the Sierra Club of Hawai’i  has managed to keep a pretty positive spin on the legislature this season, despite the intensity. To have her debunk the punk around the East Maui Water diversion, made my day.  The new fungal plague of Rapid Ohi’a Death, however is potentially catastrophic  in ways I hadn’t thought of. For more, have a look at this 2 minute crowdfunding  video for Lyon Arboretum.

A big, Oh $#!+ moment happened at the end.  It wasn’t on our planned list of topics, but suddenly she mentioned the Navy’s leaking-into-the-aquifer-but-still-in-use 75 year old gas tanks.  Somehow because I haven’t heard about it in awhile, I thought that it had been “taken care of.”   From what Ms. Townsend told me, we have our very own Flint-cident in the making. Good thing Sen. Laura Thielen is already scheduled to be my guest on February 26th.

TGFSCH! Volunteer for one of their very hands on community events, or take a hike. As smart and serious as they are, Sierra Club members regularly manage to have good fun doing good. They are a hiking club after all.


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Friday, February 12th, 3pm HST on Think Tech Hawaii

Moanalua High and Richardson Law School graduate, mother of three under ten, Marti Townsend is well into her first legislative session as Director for the Sierra Club of Hawai’i.  She’s no stranger to environmental activism at the State Capitol.  Past positions include ED of The Outdoor Circle and Kahea.   Topics for discussion include sneaky bills about East Maui’s water,  divestment, and Rapid Ohi’a Death. Read more and sign petitions HERE. Questions? tweet us @thinktechhi 3:00 pm!Marti Townsend

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Elisabet-SahtourisTomorrow Dr. Sahtouris joins me on Hawai’i Is My MainLand, livestreamed on Think Tech Hawaii‘s digital platform, 3pm HST.  Who knew there were SEVEN bills in the Hawai’i State Legislature for government funded vaccine programs, and some with no religious or other exemptions?

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It’s not like I could edit it anyway, but I haven’t watched this yet.  New tactic in timely posting.  A couple links you might want after watching; as promised,  here’s the  PDC sign up.   Explore the Permablitz experience, maybe?  Mathew Lynch and Hunter Heaivilin perpetrate radical goodness in many realms. Consider participating. It’s 2016, time change the climate of apathy, and connect to protect.

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My first guest in the Green Eggs and S.P.A.M. (Sustainability, Permaculture, Agriculture and Makers) category was the charming, intelligent, and deeply-committed-to-the-greater-good Charles Wang.  As Chief Exponential Officer of EcoQoob, he and his forward thinking team have developed the game for change in energy efficiency.  The EcoQoob app will be available later this month.  For students who have participated in the initial training, the game is free.  EcoQoob’s trainers will come to your school and provide the one hour orientation, FREE. Interested? Contact Megumi Marsh: megumi@ecoqoob.com.  For more information, explore www.ecoqoob.com

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