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Alice Anne (Severson) Parker with Infant Daughter April

Alice Anne (Severson) Parker with Infant daughter April

With the sudden death of Justice Scalia and the spread of the Zika virus, honest discussion on the practical effect of laws and strictures affecting what women can/should and cannot/should not do with their person is essential.  In the US, access to contraception and health care has been fairly broadly available over the last 30 years. However, shootings at health clinics have made medical care and access to birth control for low income women and students in some areas potentially deadly.  Millennials are in their prime reproductive years and have no idea how frequently a pregnancy was fatal or maiming for their fore-mothers.

Alice Anne Parker, a dear friend and mentor has pushed boundaries limiting women for most of her septuagenarian life.  An incidental feminist, her life continues to invite us to question conventions, and embrace compassion  for ourselves and each other at a deeper level.  Tune in for our discussion today, February 19th, 3pm HST on Think Tech Hawaii.  If you’d like to join the conversation tweet us: @thinktechhi.

This livestreamed program will be available for later viewing within 24 hours. Check back on http://www.kauilucas.com.

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