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Marti Townsend, Director of the Sierra Club of Hawai’i  has managed to keep a pretty positive spin on the legislature this season, despite the intensity. To have her debunk the punk around the East Maui Water diversion, made my day.  The new fungal plague of Rapid Ohi’a Death, however is potentially catastrophic  in ways I hadn’t thought of. For more, have a look at this 2 minute crowdfunding  video for Lyon Arboretum.

A big, Oh $#!+ moment happened at the end.  It wasn’t on our planned list of topics, but suddenly she mentioned the Navy’s leaking-into-the-aquifer-but-still-in-use 75 year old gas tanks.  Somehow because I haven’t heard about it in awhile, I thought that it had been “taken care of.”   From what Ms. Townsend told me, we have our very own Flint-cident in the making. Good thing Sen. Laura Thielen is already scheduled to be my guest on February 26th.

TGFSCH! Volunteer for one of their very hands on community events, or take a hike. As smart and serious as they are, Sierra Club members regularly manage to have good fun doing good. They are a hiking club after all.


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Friday, February 12th, 3pm HST on Think Tech Hawaii

Moanalua High and Richardson Law School graduate, mother of three under ten, Marti Townsend is well into her first legislative session as Director for the Sierra Club of Hawai’i.  She’s no stranger to environmental activism at the State Capitol.  Past positions include ED of The Outdoor Circle and Kahea.   Topics for discussion include sneaky bills about East Maui’s water,  divestment, and Rapid Ohi’a Death. Read more and sign petitions HERE. Questions? tweet us @thinktechhi 3:00 pm!Marti Townsend

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