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'70s muu'muu. label:  Kiyomi Hawaii / Liberty House.

’70s muu’muu. label: Kiyomi Hawaii / Liberty House.

It’s been a mere four years since I’ve published a post. This Honolulu baby is back on O’ahu with its distractions, pleasures and obligations. In the age of Snapchat, does anyone give a rat’s okolehao about blogs anymore?   I signed up for a WordPress Workshop with John LeBlanc at ProtoHub in Kaka’ako, first meeting was Wednesday night, and that is motivating me to dig out of my Facebook sandbox and engage again in Slow Post.

Last year I got my first cancer diagnosis, a melanoma.  I kinda had to wake up and admit that I was deeply unhappy with life, and if I didn’t get with the real program, I might as well fly home on the melanoma. But that’s fodder for another paddock. Much of this old blog is paleo era social media, with antiquated layout–I doubt it even works on mobile devices. It’s probably a virtual graveyard of 404 links. But instead of sanitizing, erasing and presenting the  perfect post at some mythical future date, I’m just going to publish this now, scars ‘n all.  Matches my left shoulder. NOT surprisingly, the cancer presented behind my heart.

Groovy things have been happening recently. I’ve reconnected with so many decades old friends this summer, it’s like having a life review in slow motion. More will be added tonight since it’s First Friday and rumor has it several of my Punahou classmates are in town and we are converging on my permaculture/localizing heroes Nat and Dave of Madre Chocolate in their new garden venue downtown, on Pauahi St.  My classmate Dan McLaughlin is playing folk-ish music with some pals.  Music, chocolate, whiskey, high school buddies. That’s how to prevent melanoma recurrence.

I might wear that amazing Liberty House 70’s mu’u I scooped at Saver’s Monday night. I wonder if it shows the scar?

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