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It was a mini-reunion of our 2012 ‘Aha Hui o nā Kauka,  Kaho’olawe trip: Kim Ku’ulei Birnie of Papa Ola Lōkahi,  and Elise Dela Cruz-Talbert, an Epidemiology PhD Candidate, at UH Mānoa. In the final segment (last 15 minutes) we talked about the privilege of being there with farmer/activists like Charlie and Paul Reppun, and Vince Dodge, foodies like the Hoe ‘ohana.  For 5 days we ate delicious mostly locally sourced healthy food.  But that is not so easy back in Honolulu.  Birnie and Dela Cruz-Talbert, give sobering numbers. Especially for Native Hawaiians, poor diets mean shorter, sicker lives.
Dela Cruz-Talbert talked about the Healthy_Grindz808 Instagram account and Healthy Grindz Facebook page to help find healthy, inexpensive food. Have a favorite? Post a picture!  Have a meeting at work this week? Skip the poi malasadas and napples. Bring seasonal local fruit like lychee, rambutan, longon, or mountain apple.  If you don’t find something in your budget, a bag of “cuties” tangerines is always easy and unsalted roasted nuts are satisfying.
What was I doing on this Kaho’olawe huaka’i?  I gave a talk on eating, emotions, and self forgiveness; modifying the traditional ceremony with limu kala.  It was the first time I talked openly about dealing with an eating disorder in my teens and 20’s. Disordered eating seems to be increasing in popularity again, and will likely be a theme for a future Hawai’i is My Mainland program.
Kaui Lucas, Kim Ku'ulei Birnie, and Elise Dela Cruz-Talbert,

Kaui Lucas, Kim Ku’ulei Birnie, and Elise Dela Cruz-Talbert in the Think Tech Studio

29.1.1.Population by Ethnicity 1778-2000 (decimation) 29.1.2.Mortality rates for all causes, Kanaka Maoli vs all ethnicities 1990 to Healthcare 2015 29.1.3.Five leading causes of deaths among Hawaiians, 2002 29.1.5. diet-related-disease-trends-in-hawaii-the-us-and-globally-3-1024 29.1.6diet-related-disease-trends-in-hawaii-the-us-and-globally-6-1024 29.2.1.Comparison of Pre-Western, Prudent Adapted, American Diets - RK Blaisdell, 1985 29.2.2.Factors contributing to health and wellness 29.2.3.Food Access and Nutrition Strategy, NH Health Strategy Map, 2016

29.3.3. 524.imu

Imu crew.

29.3.6.Picture 581.KKB.keiki

Kim Birnie and mo’opuna, good health is a family affair

29.3.7.Picture 645navigator.stone

The Navigator’s Chair: Paul Reppun, Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli, Kealoha Hoe, Charlie Reppun.

29.3.8.Picture 679Mitchell.Helm

Memorials for George Helm Jr. and Kimo Mitchell. If you don’t know who they are, Google them.

Picture 495Elise

Everything in moderation.

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