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During this holiday hiatus of the livestreamed Hawai’i is My MainLand on Think Tech Hawaii, I’m attempting to catch up on blog entries. Back on November 6th, before the Paris attacks I interviewed Stuart Scott and Anukriti Sud Hittle, both veterans of past COPs, climate change professionals, and on their way to attend.  I found their various approaches fascinating.

Scott left that night for Paris to get things organized for his documentary and other media events, a good month ahead-which means he was there during the attacks.  Here’s a link to his ClimateMatters.tv site with videos taped during COP-21. He interviewed a broad spectrum of individuals from Dr. James Hansen, who first testified before the US Congress on climate change in 1988, to officials from Kiribati and Tuvalu whose lives have already been permanently altered. Scott will be back on Hawaii is My MainLand in February.

Anukriti Sud Hittle returned in time for my last program of 2015. Her report left me feeling  fairly positive about humanity’s ability to address the most significant threat to life on Earth. Here’s the link to research and articles she and her husband Alex Hittle have published, including the Huffpost’s “U.S. and China Collude to Pollute to Gobble Up Global Carbon Pie.”  What really brought it all home was the humorous way she made the abstractness of the huge numbers more digestible.  Grab a bag of chips and a beer and enjoy the show!



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