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January 17, 1893 was the date of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy.  I wasn’t thinking about that when I started this blog, but it does seem appropriate. Some of us can’t thrive anywhere but Hawai’i. This blog is for us, You don’t have to live here to feel that way.

As Hawai’i Is My Mainland grows, you will find resources for: sustainability,  buying local, living local; fine arts, music, dance, sports, written and spoken word; politics, and culture. OK, I admit it’s ambitious, and probably a run on sentence. But the idea is everyone adds to the lists of resources and opinions.

Hawai’i Is My Mainland introduces the Blook Club.  The first blook is The COLONY the Harrowing True Story of the Exiles of Molokai (sic)  by John Tayman.  It just happens to be the book I’m reading at the moment. It just happens to be the only book with a story I could find on the bookshelf (long story.) It is unusual for me to read harrowing stories.  It does have the advantages of historical edification and being well written. Is this an alliterative paragraph?
Must be getting later.

pau for now,

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