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If there’s anyone you still need to reach out to, or if you’re looking for something fun to get a New Year resolution for healthy living off to a great start, Lisa Kimsey of Smarty Dance Hawaii, and Laura Margulies, creator of Leimation ecards and evites have answers.   Both Lisa Kimsey and Laura Margulies have become arts entrepreneurs, that’s a good trick in Hawaii.  These women are admirable and encouraging examples of pursuing their passions, doing meaningful work, and contributing positively to the community.

Living in the same neighborhood for a long time provides a richness of shared experiences from another perspective.  We three, having grown up in, and returned to, the same neighborhood, had a great time chatting about things we did and did not remember.  That’s another gift of  year end holidays.  Reconnecting and celebrating in real time, savoring a pause in timeline updates to notice, without notification.

PS At the time we taped the show, Leimation were somewhat limited for social media.  That bug has since been squashed, they are now sharable anywhere via URL.

Flowerworks to Greet 2016




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The biggest perk of being a volunteer host on ThinkTechHawaii.com is that I get to share with the digital universe some of the wonderful people, organizations and happenings in our community.  The Outdoor Circle is expanding into new territory with two new branches, one in Waikīkī.   Myles Ritchie tells us how we can calculate the benefit of the niu  in your back yard,  or any tree you can measure the circumference of and identify.

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